annoying mother-in law

so last april i broke my ankle in three spots and had surgery. so its been on going going to the dr to see how it is healing well today he told me a bone isnt healed and i need surgery again. so my soon to be husband and i decided we are going to wait until after the wedding to have my ankle re done. so my mother in law calls me on her way home screaming at me telling me im an idiot and this and that and the reason im over weight is because i dont do anything and she called to tell me she got me job applications um thanks but no thanks got a call for a interveiw today for a job. she thinks that just because i am on state insurance i should have the surgery before my wedding sorry i want to enjoy my wedding and remeber it not be all fucked up on pain pills and shit they want me to get a job but then she screams at me about getting my ankle redone wtf. i dont need this and i am on diet pills because all she does is call me over weight and shit. wow way to talk shit to your soon to be daughter in law. i thought that it was mine and my soon to be husbands desicion to make when i get my surgery not hers or her husbands 

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  1. keishakay

    wow she sounds bitchy…

    March 20, 2015
    1. kailiwoods


      March 20, 2015
      1. keishakay

        also that as well

        March 20, 2015
        1. kailiwoods

          she is
          sorry i havent been on in awhile

          March 25, 2015
          1. keishakay

            it’s fine me either

            March 27, 2015
  2. belladora

    Just keep smiling and say “I know, you are right”. Eventually she will get tired as I did. My daughter in law was too much of a lady to be disrespectful. She used psychology on me and it worked. That was 24 years ago.
    I was intolerable and I knew it. Maybe she is lonely. My son had a talk with me about how I deal with his wife. Talked to her about how she deals with his mother. Wish you luck. Hope it dies down before the wedding. Be happy that you will be with him and not with her. My best wishes to you.

    March 29, 2015
    1. kailiwoods

      thank you

      April 01, 2015
  3. motherinlaw

    I just found this site and will repost something written only a few days prior to this post, written by Kaili.
    So I got a text today saying my so called “friend” can’t be friends with me and can’t be best friends with me. Her reason was because I argue with my fiancé and I argue with his parents every couple argues its what couples do. and I don’t argue with my soon to be in-laws anymore our relationship has gotten better. so now she is not going to come to my bridal shower next weekend, and she is not going to be in my wedding. and i really do not care anymore. my fiance says i need to fix it but i dont i did not do anything wrong. and i think its funny. i thought we were adults not in highschool anymore. its ok because i have the people that mean the most to me standing by my side when i get married and thats all that matters to me and i know who my true friends are and who my true best friend is i can go a year without talking to her and call her and its like we just talked yesterday and she be there for me when i need her. i dont need fake ass people in my life. she has done this to me before in high school and i should have known better but im a dumb ass and i did it again. didnt listen to anyone and did it. so whatever thats my rant for the night.

    Just a few comments to people who responded. This is my house and she has lived here for more than 2 years, rent free, without a job (even prior to breaking her ankle), and she wanted to sue our home owner’s insurance for her self-inflicted injury.

    In the future, prior to posting a comment – maybe get to know the people you are writing to and/or about.

    February 02, 2016