"cant be best Friends Cnt'd"

so you all remeber this blog right?

so i got a text today saying my so called "friend" cant be friends with me and cant be best friends with me. and her reason was because i argue with my fiance and i argue with his parents every couple argues its what couples do. and i dont argue with my soon to be in-laws anymore our relationship has gotten better. so now she is not going to come to my bridal shower next weekend, and she is not going to be in my wedding. and i really do not care anymore. my fiance says i need to fix it but i dont i did not do anything wrong. and i think its funny. i thought we were adults not in highschool anymore. its ok because i have the people that mean the most to me standing by my side when i get married and thats all that matters to me and i know who my true friends are and who my true best friend is i can go a year without talking to her and call her and its like we just talked yesterday and she be there for me when i need her. i dont need fake ass people in my life. she has done this to me before in high school and i should have known better but im a dumb ass and i did it again. didnt listen to anyone and did it. so whatever thats my rant for the night 

ok so i texted her this weekend and said ok so because you dont want to be friends or anything does that mean you do not want to be in the wedding and she didnt say anything. so i said can you answeer me so i can find other accomidations and she finally texted me back saying yeah im not in the wedding and it really didnt upset me because in 101 days i know the people who care about me the most will be standing next to my side while i marry my best friend and the love of my life i dont need these fake ass people in my life. so it really didnt bother me because i had someone who really wanted to and is actually happy and excited for me! 

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